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Ok, well over my years as an online marketer I have learn’t and somewhat mastered many different methods of income generation.

The main ones that I am still using successfully in 2014 are

  • Niche blogging using SEO
  • List building and Email marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Facebook, POF and Bing PPC
  • Solo Ads
  • and a few others Ill reveal a bit later.

List building is actually the end game of Affiliate marketing, yes you want buyers, but what you really want to do is get visitors to your site onto a list so you can sell to them time and time again. Many people visiting your site will only come once, even if they purchase something, so getting them on a list allows us to email to them later, whenever we want, its almost like having cash on tap.

Once your list is a substantial size, you can even make a decent living selling clicks as solo ads and / or do solo ad swaps to build yor list even bigger.

So for the first series of posts I thought we would look at the basics of putting together a list using a squeeze page before we move onto niche blogging and other income generation methods.

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