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The Mindset Required to Be a Success Online

Whether you label yourself as an affiliate marketer, Internet marketer, online entrepreneur or just an entrepreneur for that matter, it all comes down to having the right mindset if your going to succeed.

You have chosen to walk a different path to the rest of the 9-5 people (some would harshly call them “sheeple”), but this is no easy ride, far from it, you will need to develop a mindset that is far stronger, dedicated and focused than the rest of society.

Essentially you are going to have to learn to be your own boss, motivator and critic. If you cant do this of your own accord then you need to have a boss order you around, its as simple as that.

Being an entrepreneur especially when starting out means you will have to develop a winners mindset to succeed, there may, most likely there will be set backs and dark times in your journey, times when you doubt yourself, times when the project you are working on just wont work for whatever reason… this is the time when serious entrepreneurs don’t let it get them down, they dust themselves off, assess what went wrong and keep going.

Anyone can train to be a gladiator. What marks you out is having the mindset of a champion. ~ Manu Bennett

Components of a Winning Mindset –

Below are what I deem to be crucial components of a Mindset that’s geared for success. Whilst there are many more components you could add to develop a winning mindset, I believe if you focus on the factors below you will be well on your way to being a success.

  • Become “bloody” minded – its crucial you develop a determined or whats known as a bloody mindset. Dont give in, do not take your eyes of the goal and stay on target, by doing this you aren’t guaranteed success, but its a far more likely outcome than if you give up and are constantly resetting goals and readjusting methods. Keep your head down and keep going
  • Become an action taker – its true we all need to learn before we earn, but getting into analysis paralysis never made anodyne rich, you are better taking action before you feel you know everything, because you wont know everything until you do it, learning as you go is the most effective way,
  • Do not fear failure – in fact embrace it, failing at something means you are just closer to succeeding at it, provided you look at what went wrong
  • Take responsibility – from this day forward vow to never again blame others for your lack of success, this is just BS, its an excuse, cop out whatever you want to call it, just dont do it, the only person you can control is you, take full responsibility for every action, successful or otherwise in your business.. No More Excuses!
  • Become a business person – some people decide to become an online entrepreneur because, they want to avoid the pain of getting up and going to work for some else each day, believe me if you trying to avoid pain then chose the 9 to 5 route, being an entrepreneur is undoubtedly the one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life, but make no mistake it will be one of the most challenging.
  • Be decisive – dont dilly dally on major tasks, get to them straight away, for more on this read our post about overcoming procrastination
  • Go to “work” each day – sitting around in your pajamas, not having showered while you have television on in the background, may sound for some of you like a dream job, but it is the exact opposite. Your mindset will become a soft, lazy, comfort seeking one and your productivity levels will plummet. Personally I start each day at the same time, keep office hours, keep excellent hygiene, exercise size habits and dress for success
  • Be hyper organised – lists, lists and more lists. Map out your goals, the path you decide to take to reach them and the daily tasks you need to do each day. Keep your office clear of clutter, keep a diary (I prefer the old fashioned paper ones) and refer to it often.
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – this one is perhaps top of the list in terms of developing a disciplined, winning mindset. Set deadlines on your tasks and work until they are completed, if this means pulling the odd all-niter, missing out your favorite tv show or sporting event, heck even if it means disappointing your significant other on date night , so be it… your a serious business person after all.
  • Develop elite habits and standards – A lot of developing a winners mindset comes down to the habits we have and how hard we are willing to push ourselves. In my opinion “willpower” has more to do with our habits. Developing and repeating elite standards over and over leads to elite habits. The hard work is initially maintaining a routine of elite standards, once they become habits its much easier.
  • Model yourself on successful people – You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, find someone who is successful, particularly in the area your working in and model yourself on them, this perhaps the only shortcut to success, conversely stop listening to people who are not succeeding.
  • Can do attitude – A winning mindset says “yes”, far more than “no”.
  • Look for inspiration – Sometimes your mindset will slip and you just cant find the inspiration to get going, times like these Ill read an inspiring blog or head over to YouTube and find myself a short inspiring clip to get me pumped up and into the right mindset. Check out my YouTube channel which has some inspiring posts
  • Focus – Focus is critical, master this and your on your way to success, guaranteed!. Don’t get distracted in all aspects of your life, become someone who rarely watches TV, doesn’t know celebrity names or the latest trends, heck even limit the amount of news you take in, it will all distract your mind from what your purpose is, to be a success in life. Like wise don’t jump to the next hottest thing (this is a major challenge for Internet and Affiliate marketers in particular).
  • Goal motivated – keep your goals clear in both you mind and on some kind of reminder near by. I put mine on small business sized card that i keep in my wallet, when I feel tired, unmotivated I grab the cards and read them out loud, the change in shift of mindset is almost instantaneous when we focus on why we are doing this.
  • Stay out of forums – If your an online marketer, forums are a massive time sink, they are also usually full of misinformation that will put you in two minds (or more) and destroy your mindset. Instead of wasting your time in forums, follow 4 or 5 blogs that are written by people that you respect.
  • Be fearless – No one ever did anything great by playing it safe, you need to take risks and avoid spending your time worrying about the future, be present, in the “now” if you will, the future then will evolve into what you want it to be.

I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in. ~ Roger Clemens

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